About Gregg

About Gregg

One of the things that has caused Gregg to be so successful in his business is that he appreciates everyone’s effort. This is also a skill that he has exercised as a successful business owner and coach. The human resource entity in any business is crucial to its success. Gregg understands that by motivating the input, you maximize the output.

Anyone who meets Gregg will notice how disciplined he is. His principle is that if you exercise discipline everywhere you go, it never leaves you’. He always respects those who have positions lower than him thereby earning their respect. It is all about being humble enough to listen to others since your opinion may not always be the right one. These are the same skills he employs as a mentor.

All of Gregg’s success was not accomplished overnight. Anyone who knows him closely will share with you the sacrifices he has made to become a successful business owner and mentor such as the late nights, missed parties and so on. When Gregg sets an objective there is usually no way he can be stopped from achieving it. he will labor and toll until he accomplishes his goal. He is a hard worker that can achieve anything if he puts his mind to it (which he often does). These sacrifices seem to have paid off since he is one of the most established business moguls.

Mentoring others is never easy. however, Gregg looks at it as more of a fun activity rather than something he has to do. Employing an attitude of wanting to do something’ rather than needing to do something’ keeps him happy about his work. It also keeps him wanting to know more about the possibilities that are out there and what he can do to achieve them. Guiding another person in their quest to achieve their dream and standing next to them while they actualize it has always been something close to Gregg’s heart. About 85% of the people he has mentored have gone on to succeed in the various businesses they have. It is something he is not thinking of quitting soon.

Gregg is not all work without play. In his free time he likes to watch classical movies and documentaries, listen to Beethoven and fishing when he gets the chance. It is his belief that engaging in other activities opens up the mind to come up with other ideas that can help catapult your business forward. He always encourages others to choose something they love to do and work on making that their livelihood. This advice is the same advice that has made him a Successful business owner and coach.

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